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Kyokushin karate

Kyokushin karate-do Philippines is considered one of the Strongest Karate Organization in the Philippines based on its training syllabus, organization management and its huge membership. It is considered one of the few karate organization in the Philippines recognize by the IKO-International Karate Organization based in Tokyo, Japan.

There are many different styles of Karate that are known in the Philippines however, kyokushin karate is the toughest and the most respected due to its strict discipline and rigorous training. Some karate groups have gone to extreme commercialization in which the standard of karate has demonized and jeopardize. Because of therse reason a vision from a man to bring back the true essence, standard and the glory of karate came to the rescue.

"If you do not overcome your tendency to give up easily, your life leads to nothing."

– Sosai Masutatsu Ōyama